Mentoplasty (Chin Augmentation)

Mentoplasty, also referred to as chin augmentation, is a cosmetic procedure that changes the size and shape of the chin by adding a synthetic implant under the skin. Mentoplasty is a relatively quick surgical procedure, lasting only about thirty minutes.

Patients who feel they have a weak, or small chin, may consider having mentoplasty surgery to create a more predominate chin. Patients seeking a smaller chin can also have a mentoplasty procedure done to enhance their facial features.

Mentoplasty Procedure

During a chin augmentation, the doctor will create a small incision under the chin. If the purpose of the mentoplasty surgery is to enlarge the chin, an implant will be placed on the chin. The implants used during this surgery are made with a safe medical-grade material that look and feel like natural bone.

When a patient has a mentoplasty procedure to reduce the size of an existing chin the doctor will surgically reduce the bone, leaving a well proportioned chin.

After Mentoplasty

Following mentoplasty the plastic surgeon will apply a dressing that the patient will wear up to the first three days. Tenderness is normal; any discomfort that may occur can be alleviated by medications prescribed by the doctor. It is not uncommon for doctors to limit the patient from chewing for the first few days by placing them on a soft food and liquid diet.

Mentoplasty makes it possible to improve appearance and fade signs of aging. Both types of mentoplasty procedures leave the patient with an esthetically pleasing chin, which can enhance self esteem.