Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic plastic surgery involves the use surgical and non-surgical procedures to enhance the structure, shape and appearance of the face and body. In situations where a person is unhappy with one or more of their physical features, plastic surgery can significantly help raise confidence and self-esteem. A person is considered to be a good candidate for plastic surgery when they are in good general health, have performed some research regarding cosmetic procedure options, and have realistic surgery expectations.

We here at The Plastic Surgery Centers Organization firmly strongly recommend that anyone considering plastic surgery performs in-depth research. In addition, we believe it is important to choose the best plastic surgeon that is right for you!

Health Insurance Coverage

Cosmetic surgery procedures are normally considered "elective" and therefore are not generally covered by health insurance. In certain situations where the surgery is required for health or job reasons, some coverage may be possible. To learn more, please consult your health insurance company.