Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive plastic surgery involves medical procedures that aim to correct or improve form, structure or functionality. In contrast to cosmetic surgeries, which are most usually performed for reasons of aesthetics alone, reconstructive surgeries are sometimes medically necessary in order to improve operation or functionality.

Some of the more common typical functionality-inhibiting features that may warrant reconstructive surgery include carpal tunnel syndrome and cleft lip / palate repair. However, reconstructive surgery is also used to rectify other developmental abnormalities, congenital defects, defects resulting from trauma, etc.

As with all medical conditions and surgical procedures, we advocate that you perform in-depth research about the reconstructive procedure that you may be considering. It is also important to take the time to find the best local reconstructive surgeon that is right for you. We hope that you find the Plastic Surgery Centers Organization helpful in researching procedures and surgeons.

Health Insurance Coverage

Since reconstructive surgeries are sometimes a requirement for medical reasons they are generally covered by health insurance. Since the health insurance policy market is very diverse based on policy type and region, not every procedure may be covered. Please consult your reconstructive surgeon and your health insurance company to discuss your specific situation and determine the extent of the coverage offered by your policy.